life is too great to go to the moon...'d better go to the sun!

BURN TOKEN is the first BURNing deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain!
We have created a new revolutionary “to the sun” road, in which we will BURN our tokens on every BURN DAY



BURN is coded to give the best result fast enough not to be melted by the SUN

Automatic Liquidity Lock

Every trade contributes toward automatically generating liquidity locked inside PancakeSwap LP.

RFI Static Rewards

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of BURN grow indefinitely.

Unique BURNing Tecnique

We calculated the optimal burning rate to ensure the correct path to the SUN, BURNdays are coming...

Secure & Immutable

BURN is a smart contract based on blockchain technology which makes it secure and immutable.

Low Gas Fees

Thanks to Binance Smart Chain transaction fees are lower than ever allowing you to cheaply perform transactions on the blockchain.

Safe Investment

We are here to stay, lots of project will land on the chain. Check the Roadmap! From the beginning to the end we are going to grow, no matter what.

What is BURNday?

BURNday is a ritual day while the BURN token is burned and each HODLER can enjoy the moment.

Stay tuned on our BURNdays follow us!


Clear like the sun, hot like fire!
Here you can find the deatails of our tokenomics, let’s BURNing it up!

Available BURN Tokens on the market after the Fair Launch!

Fair Launch, stay tuned we will do the presale on DXSALE locking our liquidity on Pancakeswap

BSCScan Wallet Address

This BURN wallet will make us different! 
Every BURNday we will send a % of the tokens in this wallet to the dead wallet, this will make every BURN token more unique, and will help the price growht!

BSCScan Wallet Address

We want to go big, we have to go to the sun!
Marketing wallet will be essential to get amazing collaborations!

We do this project for the glory and for the money!
We deserve for us a little reward for our efforts.
DEV Wallet Address

Project Manager Wallet Address

Marketing Expert Wallet Address

Community Manager Wallet Address

Contests are available, follow us on Telegram and Twitter to partecipate to each contest and win free BURN Tokens!


Every Sundays | BURNDAYS

Each Sunday we will pray to the Sun and Burn our precious token, the ritual will be done weekly and will be announced!

May 2021
Telegram Community Creation | DONE

Telegram Group created to interact with people

May 2021
Telegram Channel Creation | DONE

Telegram Announcement Channel active for the important communications

May 2021
Twitter Profile Creation | DONE

Profile created to interact with Twitter users 

May 2021
Reddit Profile Creation | DONE

Profile created to interact with Reddit users 

May 2021
Medium Page | DONE

Medium page created, daily updates

May 2021
Github UseR | DONE

Github created, clear code

May 2021
Airdrop Campaign | DONE

Airdrop campaign created and done for marketing boost 

May 2021
Public Presale on | DONE

Everything is ready for the big launch, code is done and test are made!

May 2021
Launch on Pancakeswap | DONE

Funds are SAFU, the trip begins

May 2021
First BURN Day | DONE

Weekly ritual of BURN! Investors are ready for our Signal to raise hell on BSC, don't be silly HODL

June 2021
First 500 Users on Telegram | DONE

We want to go big... this is just the beginning

June 2021
First Meme Contest | DONE

Interact with the community to get viral!

June 2021

We set a daily budget to advertise the project on the main DeFi Platforms

June 2021
Influencers Deals | IN PROGRESS

We're ultimating the partnerships with influencers and Youtubers of crypto-world

On Sunday
Whitepaper | SOON

We are arranging the new path to reach the sun!

June 2021
Second Airdrop Event | SOON

Important step to elevate the project

July 2021
Coingecko Listing | SOON

Just a little push for our solar roller coaster

July 2021
Coinmarketcap Listing | SOON

Just a little push for our solar roller coaster

July 2021
Techrate Audit | SOON

Code is Law, Audited is better! Pump Incoming!!!

July 2021
Lottery Implemntation | SOON

First techincal implementation on BURN DeFi ecosystem

On Sunday
Weekly Rituals | IN PROGRESS

BURNdays each week to raise our glorious token, JUST HODL IT

SUNday is Coming


Mister Burner

Project Manager
Graphic Designer
Expert Burner

Ale Del Saggio

Marketing Expert


Community Manager
Top Shiller

Mr. Gregory

Web & Blockchain Developer


Web Developer
Blockchain Developer
Super BURN Expert